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May 12, 2017

Now ya’ll know by now that I’m OCD.  (That means Owfully Clean Damnit!)  There’s just no other way to say it so I'll just lay it out.   I like things clean and orderly. 

Now everybody knows that just because we like something doesn’t mean we get it.  I like a nice fat bank account, I like shiny new sports cars and I like my husband to always agree with me and adore everything about me.  I like to eat double hot fudge sundaes every night and not gain an ounce.  I like politicians to care about We the People and not just their party and careers.  You get the idea, right?

So today I decided to clean my car.   Don’t be fooled, OCD-ers get their cars as dirty as the next guy.  In spite of what you may think, we’re not always OC Do-ers.  Anyway, my car was, how do I say this gracefully, NAASTY!  In all fairness to Lexie (my car) it has worked extra hard hauling dogs, grandchildren and whatnots without complaint, which is quite remarkable for a car with OCDD (Oodle...

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