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November 2, 2017

Know what I love about texting?  Let me count the ways! 

First, my kids almost always respond to a text, when they rarely take my phone call.  I get it.  There’s something ominous about actually hearing your mother’s words and having to respond in that very instant.  So much easier to read the text, smirk, roll your eyes, chew your lip, shake your head, then wait until you’re good and ready to respond when it’s more convenient.  I can live with that.  

Secondly, it works both ways.  Besides, texting is a great way to make a quick three-pointer and know someone saw it even if they don't reply.

Third, I love not having to chit chat about this, that and the weather.  How are you?  (This can be a serious question that can take hours on the phone but is just a blip on the screen if you’re texting.)  Using your actual voice can give away all kinds of emotion ranging from boredom to disgust with a colossal reactionary scale in-between.  Texting keeps things simple....

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