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December 22, 2014

I heard that for only $54.00 you can name a star.  Phhfft!  I can name any star I want for free.  For that matter, I can brand anything I want in the sky.  Hey, Helga, howzit hangin? I say to a cloud.  Lookin’ fine, Fritz, I tell a pigeon.  Me and everything in the sky are on a first name basis and who’s to say it’s any different? 

One year for Christmas I gave stars for friend-and-neighbor gifts.  I created a very authentic-looking deed on my computer, made up the coordinates, and wha-lah… coolest gift ever!  

I assumed everyone would know it wasn’t a serious deed to a star, so I was surprised to hear that people were actually impressed.  Wow, can you believe the gift the Winegars gave everyone?  It must have cost them a fortune!  

One neighbor dropped off a reciprocal cookie-plate one evening and mentioned that they were planning to buy a telescope so they could look at their star.  

“Oh you don’t need to buy a telescope,” I sai...

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