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April 13, 2015

It’s not just cops that do it.  It’s everyone, everywhere, everyday.  So what’s the big deal about profiling? 

I’m a racist.  I’ll admit it.  Now hear me out without getting your whatever’s in a twist.  What I mean is that I am a racer.  I bet you had me profile pegged as a skin-head-hater-dude.

First off you should know that I have five homemade children and two store-bought ones. The store-bought kids had different, darker skin than their homemade siblings, but that’s something we rarely noticed.  From experience we knew which kids were routine troublemakers. It wasn't a matter of color, so I won’t mention that said troublemakers were usually white.  Of course, there were exceptions but typically we knew what was going down.


If you say you’re against profiling, I say you’re a hypocrite.  Everyone does it.  (Just because everyone does it doesn’t make it right.)  Mom, get out of my head.  Whether you admit it...

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