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February 28, 2018

If I were in a beauty pageant (don’t laugh, it’s theoretical) my soul-searching platform would be:  World Peace.  If that happened to be taken, my second choice would be:  No School Shootings.

I’d bat my false eyelashes at the judges and explain my strategy.  First of all, I’d declare the whole world a Gun-Free-Zone.  That means absolutely no shooting allowed.  Period.  That would make the Second Amendment irrelevant, which might help my competitors with their World Peace proposal.   So it would be a win/win.

But, you might ask, what about all the ruthless, crazy and evil people, commonly called criminals?  Wouldn't they still use guns?  The simple answer is:  Nope. You make an exception for one and you’re in for some serious mayhem, so no.  No criminals can have guns.  Nada.  The law is the law is the law.

I’ll admit there are a few glitches in my plan, but there are hiccups in the World Peace gig as well.  My parents...

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