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October 3, 2014

What kind of car was that?  Um… was it white?  

​Sometimes… well, most of the time, I don’t notice details.  More accurately, I notice different details than most.  I see nuances of color and shadow​, shape and space, reflections and patterns.  I instantly detect a marginally crooked picture frame or a speck of dust left on the corner of a coffee table.   When you look at the details, you see that I do notice the details.  Just not… well, the obvious ones.

Oh, I could give you examples all day.  

Like the time my husband dropped me off in front of the grocery store.  I ran in to grab a couple of quick items while he waited in his white Jeep Cherokee.  A few minutes later, grocery bag in hand, I jumped into the white vehicle in front.  I know you can see this coming.  

Without bothering to look up, I gibbered nonstop about why it took so long, what was on sale and the people I’...

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