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May 9, 2020

I’m as sick (pun intended) of Covid19 as y’all.  I wanted to write about something much more pertinent to the times like… um like… I’m drawing a blank.  All anyone talks about, eats, drinks and breathes is the virus.  Well, hopefully not breathes.  Seriously, if I hear “We’re all in this together” one more time I think I’m gonna puke.  Actually I’ve felt a little under the weather lately.  I tire easily, maybe because I’m manic trying to cope with the pressure of being grounded, which makes me feel like I’m a disciplined teenager.  And I’ve had a persistent cough, likely due to the fact that every time I hear another Covid Cliché I choke.  Don’t tell me I need to get tested because I already did and as of yesterday I’m clean.  Notice that I didn’t say I’m negative because obviously I am that.

Being “non-essential” is depressing enough but I’m also classified as one of those inestimable lives that are susceptible to the virus.  Let me just say righ...

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