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February 9, 2015

An authors group I belong to wants its members to contribute to a discussion using, in their words, “a laughably small commitment of at least 500 words per week.”  Laughably small, eh?  Maybe for a real writer.  Regularly regurgitating 500 words from brain to page might be easy for a thoughtful author.  But for some, it takes some serious bingeing to purge that many words intelligently in a steady stream.   

So I try to gorge myself with information.  I read, consume an incessant amount of talk radio and ingest a steady diet of news programs each evening for dessert.  Then I lean over my computer, stick my finger down my throat, and… nothing.  I’ve never been able to hurl on demand.  

Asking me to provide 500 words of brilliance every week is like asking me to bench-press 500 pounds for an unsustainable period of time.  I’m sure with some effort I could get red in the face, swear, throw back my shoulders and lift say, fifty pounds for like two...

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