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May 16, 2015

They say there has never been an original idea.  Any thought you can conceive of has already been thought of.  I’m not certain about the accuracy of that statement—it’s hard to get my mind around it.  Kinda like the chicken and the egg. 

It makes a bit of sense when you think about the birth of a cliché.  A clichégg hatches when someone makes an assertion that others identify with.  They in turn repeat the expression and soon there is a flock of hatchees reverberating, or shall I say regurgitating the phrase.  Got it?

No?  Well, let’s sort this out.  So if a clichégg hatches when the hen speaks a catchphrase, she becomes the original source—unless she herself began earlier as a clichégg, i.e. shortly after she was a twinkle in a rooster’s eye.  But at that point doesn't she become the clichégg-ee?  Oh never mind. 

The whole concept reminds me of a joke I thought was so funny when I was a kid.  If a chicken can lay 1½ eggs in one day, how m...

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