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February 22, 2017

Just had another one of dem birthdays.  Yup, another year older, another year wiser. Here’s my time-honored philosophy:

Our bodies mature naturally without even trying.  As we reach our teens it continues to develop but our minds regress.  Ideally, as we age our brain catches up.  This means that the older we get the smarter, wiser, keener, shrewder, cleverer and other amazing things that I forget, we become.  Unfortunately, as we advance and get even more mature i.e. brilliant, our brains become so overloaded with smarts that we run out of gigabytes.  Unless we delete some of the data from our hard drives we slow down, get viruses and become in danger of crashing.  It’s simple computer science.

Over the years I’ve become so brilliant i.e. old that my mind has become like a steel trap.  Once the information is caught, it can’t get out.   So I’m in the process of optimizing my database by downloading more memory, deleting duplicate and temporary files along with o...

October 28, 2014

I always wanted a personalized license plate that said BLONDE and then mount it upside down on my bumper.  Not that I really think blondes are dumb.  Usually they're so far ahead of the pack, in fact, that other folks (like brunettes and redheads) don’t even get that they are the ones left behind.  Some things are just not worth explaining—hence the bad rap.

Even though I’m a blonde in my inner psyche, my outer psyche is, well, to put it frankly, gray.  I colored my hair for a short stint before my rebellious nature took over and I went a’ natural.  Although I find a’ natural the most natural thing in the world, some don’t think it's all that orthodox.  Take the receptionist in the doctor’s office:

     Her:  Is that your natural hair color?

     Me:   Yep.

     Her:  Have you thought of dying it?

     Me:   Nope.

     Her:  Mmmm.  Well, have you considered a wig?


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