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June 17, 2020

Cool guys who protect their cities from marauding oppressors have been known to wear black masks.  Nobody wants to live under Wild West law or subjugated by Gotham City terrorists.   Residents cheer when heroes like Zorro and Batman stand up for the people and deliver them against all odds, from an autocratic government takeover.  

Funny how the tables have turned.  Now black masks are a symbol of silencing, intimidation, and violence to those who dare to contradict.  BLM, and no… I’m not talking about the Bureau of Land Management—although that seems to be one of the roles the Black Lives Matter mafia have their sites set on—managing property.  Frighteningly, this group is now more popular and powerful than any political party or group in the country.  Millions of people applaud their cause even as a cloud of tyranny hangs over the land,  threatening anyone or anything that gets in the way, such as the Constitution of the United States.  Big tech companies like Google, Twitte...

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