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April 25, 2020

Here’s a novel idea.  What if we laid off the PC Police and allowed lawmakers to deal with serious health issues without being considered racist.  For example, there could be legislation that only Chinese Royalty be allowed to get the Chinese Corona Virus.  With that reasoning, it would naturally follow that only Chickens could get Chicken Pox and Fowls the Bird Flu.  There may have to be some cross-over codification with those last two, but I’m sure within a month or so they could hammer out some clear guidelines.  Then lawmakers could take on other ailments.  What if only Spaniards could get Spanish Flu, Czars could contract SARS, Ordinary Snowmen get the Common Cold, and only Assistants are qualified to get Aides?  Authoritative figures and influencers (like Congress) would obviously be entitled to Influenza.  To get Small Pox one must be tiny and Hantavirus is for people who have previously died—preferably of hantavirus.   Measles is reserved for those who act rashly and Yellow Fev...

February 15, 2016

I cut my teeth on Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte.  I devoured the romantic tales of Elizabeth Bennett and Jane Eyre and have probably seen every movie version of them both.  So when I saw that there was a new Pride and Prejudice in theatres, I drug my husband to the box office.  I guess if I were really that great a reader I would have caught that the full title was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  I shouldn’t have been surprised, because duh… why wouldn’t a classic like Pride and Prejudice have a Zombie version?

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