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March 14, 2018

During the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics my husband remarked, “See, that American girl?  That’s Erin Hamlin, the four-time Olympic loser.”

“At least she tried!” I said in her defense.

He looked at me strangely, but that’s not in and of itself strange. 

“Erin Hamlin is a four-time Olympic winner,” he said.

“Make up your mind.”

“She medaled four times in the luge.  She’s a luger.”  He explained.

Oh, got it.  Kind of a big difference there.

I often wonder how many times we misunderstand each other, and I’m not just talking about our marriage. I know there are some colossal differences that are impossible to bridge.  Oil and vinegar, Israel and Palestine, Democrats and Republicans, Protestants and Catholics.  Of course, there are always a few exceptions.  When making a salad for example, oil and vinegar get along swimmingly, if only for a short time.  I’ve been to both Israel and Palestine and I know there are remarkable people on both sides of the isle that sometimes play nice.  Not sure I ca...

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