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July 30, 2015

Would a rose by any other name actually smell as sweet?  I can mention a dozen substitutions that may blow that theory straight to…  I’m trying to think of a name with the same oomph… but just like rose, hell is the only word that works.  For example, what if the White House Rose Garden were called the B.S. Garden instead?  Would it pass the sniff test?  Okay, maybe that's not a good example.  Let me try again.  It's Valentines Day and you give your sweetheart a beautiful aromatic bouqet of maget vomit. Yup.  That definitely makes my point.

So what is it that makes parents name their kids truly awful names?  They’ve done it since the beginning of time and the practice has never been more popular.  There are at least three Dodo’s mentioned in the Bible.  (Actually it’s pronounced do-do, which doesn’t-doesn’t make a heck of lot of difference.)  Here’s another one from the Bible that will Amaziah.  Get it?  Then there is Maher-shahal-has-baz whi...

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