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January 29, 2020

I'm a lot like Pinocchio.  No... I'm NOT a liar, but I often find myself doing the same sort of balancing act.  

I'm a real boy!  

Don't get me wrong, I don't waver on gender identification, it's more like this:  I've done hundreds, possibly thousands of drawings and paintings, many of them commissioned.  I know it sounds like I’m boasting, but hear me out.  I majored in art on a scholarship, worked as a commercial artist, been Artist in Residence for many schools.  I’ve sold hundreds of paintings and prints.  I have my own Studio.

I'm a real artist!  Right?  Actually, it's quite possible I'm a fraud.  A pretend-artist whose work is not unlike the Emperor’s New Clothes, where everyone pretends to see beauty but in reality...

I've written stories, poetry and books since the fifth grade.  I'm a published author and blogger.  I'm a real writer!  Or maybe I’m a really good fake.  A carbon copy o...

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