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September 26, 2014

My husband spends a lot of time on his computer searching for his family history.

“The only good ancestor is a dead ancestor.” I remark.


Dee studies me for a moment and then asks, “Is nothing sacred to you?” 

“Everything is sacred to me,” I declare defensively.  Is it sacrilege when as far as I can tell all my ancestors have crossed over to the other side?  Any ancestor worth his salt is, well… dead!  Let's be honest, is there really any other kind?

What are the qualifications for ancestry anyway?  Well, if I were applying for an Ancestor position, I’d say I would  need the following experience:

 I need to be dead, and probably for a number of years—at least for a generation or two.  My Dad has been working on that for about a quarter of a century and that just doesn’t seem long enough.  My Mom has only been gone a couple of years, so no way is she a full-fledged recruit.  Maybe my grandparents qualify and certainly their parents.

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