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July 25, 2017

From the window of the Mountain Resort Hotel we are vacationing in, we watch a marmot basking below us on a rock.  He sprawls out in the warmth of the sun gazing up at the blue summer sky.  A fleecy puff of cloud watches him for a while until it gets bored and then floats off for a vista with a little more action.

George, as my granddaughter names him, continues to stare heavenward and I wonder what the typical marmot daydreams about.  My grandchildren thrust open the window and George pushes his fat body up on squatty legs to look at them.  Someone throws him a handful of grapes and he scampers off his rock and shoves them into his mouth.  He looks up waiting for more and isn’t disappointed.  A shower of crackers, nuts and bits of bread reign down upon him and he gathers up each morsel, stuffing them into his mouth.

That’s when I realize George isn’t a dreamer at all.  He is a Rodent of Israel waiting for Manna from Heaven to fall.  Why should he scurry about th...

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