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March 23, 2020

Covid19—the queen mother of viruses.  As a mother and queen of my castle, let me give you my royal take.

If two of my kids were in need of a kidney and mine weren’t past their expiration date, there’s no question in my mind that I’d volunteer.  I’ve had a rich and full life and theirs are in their prime.  Now this is probably easy for me to say since I live in a low-risk state and even lower-risk part of it.  But it isn’t cool to sit back and watch the entire economy shut down everything they and a bazillion others in this country have worked generations for.  If flattening the curve of the virus flattens the economy and unravels a thread that pulls businesses down, people out of their jobs and possibly out of their homes and onto the street… well, even a kidney wouldn’t do much good.

I hate to admit that I’m in the age range of older folk who are most in peril.  But honestly, that rich and full life I was bragging about wouldn’t be that awesome if my kids and my country w...

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