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August 11, 2020

Have you ever tried to cut something with only one half of a scissor?  I can’t say that I have, because… well, that would just be stupid.  What would be the point?  It takes both blades to work effectively, and neither side can claim to be more significant.  It’s called a pair of scissors for a reason and together they make a functioning tool.  However, one side alone can be deadly.  It can cut like a knife, blade or sword, and can make a permanent, even lethal impression.

“Where are the scissors?” Is a common refrain heard in most houses—and nowhere is the answer more important than in the People’s House—the House of Representatives.  Nothing of true principle can be cut there unless both sides are working together to improve the fabric of our society.   Whether cutting deals or writing laws, it takes synergy and cooperation to balance the important work of the household.  Doing it with one side can create nothing more than a hack job....

August 8, 2020

We had the music cranked up and were dancing in the backyard.  

“Why can’t I dance like you and the grandkids?” I asked my daughter.

“Because you’re not black,” was the resounding, collective answer.

I sighed.  Unfortunately, I’m not even a good dancer for a white girl.  Although some of my paler grandkids are exceptionally talented—no thanks to me—according to my astute scientific research, there’s something remarkable about the natural rhythm embedded in African American DNA.  Kinda true in sports, as well.  Some might call it Black Privilege.  Not me… I’m too woke.  (Please wake me up when all the nonsense is over.)

Let’s face it, there are hundreds, if not millions of colors, talents, features, faults, qualities, personalities, strengths, weaknesses, culpabilities and abilities.  I want to focus on 2+2=4.  Black/blue Dems and Red/White GOP.  Never before have the two been so stark, and I’m not talking about race.  Well, maybe...

August 3, 2020

There are a lot of questions floating around my brain these days.  Some of them are frivolous, such as:  

Why doesn’t Catniss Everdean’s quiver ever run out of arrows?  

If a tree falls in the forest without someone posting it, did it really fall?  

Did Jesus wear a man-bun? 

Was Don Quixote considered a Dazed Knight?

Is the Spanish language sexist?

If I’m the superior intelligence, shouldn’t my cat be the one reading the pamphlet on understanding me instead of the other way around?  

Does anyone really like Mona Lisa’s smile?

Although I’d really like answers to these questions, there are other questions more pressing that need resolving.  Such as:

Why does anybody think it’s okay to graffiti public streets with personal political slogans?  Don’t the roads belong to all taxpayers, regardless of their political opinion?   Do mayors, governors, or Al Sharlatan have anything better to do than pander?

Why can't I attend...

July 15, 2020

Broccoli?  Yuck!  Cancel that.

My house is extremely modern.  Yours is traditional.  Sheesh who lives like that? You have terrible taste—so out of touch. Throw everything out, burn it down.  I don’t care what you do, just change it and be quick about it. 

You’re seriously going to wear that?  I’m afraid not.  NoCanDo.  Where you from, Nerd City?

You set a curfew for your teenager?  What happened to trust?  Turn in your parenting card immediately.

I don’t like your movie choices.  Don’t believe in your religion.  You voted for WHOM?  You did WHAT?  You think THAT?  You’re a racist!  A bigot!  You’re fired!  Where’s my CANCEL stamp?  Did you not get the memo on acceptableness?

I know, I know… you used to be able to have your own ideas—even express them without fear.  Well, get over it.  Things have changed.  Free-thinkers are a thing of the past and if you dare to disagree there will be serious, even dire consequences....

June 29, 2020

I played a game of “Would You Rather” with my grandkids that got us all thinking and discussing— indeed a rare activity these days.  

Would you rather be a great teacher or be a great student?  Be incredibly smart or incredibly popular?  Change the past or see into the future?  Read the book or watch the movie?  Would you rather be the first person to explore a new planet or invent a drug that cures a deadly disease?  Would you rather live as a black man in the south in the 1800’s or be a woman in Afghanistan today?  Pretty deep convo for kids who’d rather play video games or snapchat than anything else.

One question was “Would you rather go left where nothing is right or go right where nothing is left?  Huh?  That made no sense.   Still it got me thinking about politics—something I’d rather not do.

Would you rather hire a rich person with solid practical financial experience to get our economy back on its feet or a person who’s made themselves a fo...

June 23, 2020

My grandkids love Minecraft and other video games that allow their inventive juices to flow.  They build innovative buildings, communities and cities.  There are four difficulty levels in Minecraft: Peaceful, Easy, Normal and Hard.  In the Peaceful mode, hostile mobs won't spawn, but like in life, there are hazards.  I doubt there is a "New Normal" level but even Easy and Normal have their challenges.  Hard level is what we are experiencing now.  We may not have actual zombies but some members of Congress and the Senate come close and we have violent mobs spawning in every city and community.  

I’m willing to bet the places the kids construct are nothing like the Autonomous Zones the BLM groups are attempting to develop.  Most of the anarchists that are taking over have never built anything in their lives.  How do I know that?  Because there is a fundamental difference between builders and destroyers, creators and demolishers.  When people ar...

June 17, 2020

Cool guys who protect their cities from marauding oppressors have been known to wear black masks.  Nobody wants to live under Wild West law or subjugated by Gotham City terrorists.   Residents cheer when heroes like Zorro and Batman stand up for the people and deliver them against all odds, from an autocratic government takeover.  

Funny how the tables have turned.  Now black masks are a symbol of silencing, intimidation, and violence to those who dare to contradict.  BLM, and no… I’m not talking about the Bureau of Land Management—although that seems to be one of the roles the Black Lives Matter mafia have their sites set on—managing property.  Frighteningly, this group is now more popular and powerful than any political party or group in the country.  Millions of people applaud their cause even as a cloud of tyranny hangs over the land,  threatening anyone or anything that gets in the way, such as the Constitution of the United States.  Big tech companies like Google, Twitte...

June 8, 2020

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be bored.  Not that I ever want to be—I just wonder.  There are so many marvelous things to do and I want to do them all!  I’ve been working non-stop on my latest art gallery exhibit, I’m writing another book, I have a YouTube channel, a blog, I own a business and am integrally involved in a few others.  I have seven children and 24 grandchildren.  I want to hike and sing and swim and garden and dance.  And shop.  There are so many books I want to read, classes to take, movies to see, places to explore and things to experience.

My friend saw an advertisement on Craig’s List that sounded interesting.  I could make $25 an hour and experience a protest up close and personal.  If I were violent, I could make even more.  And I wouldn’t have to worry about going to jail because there are funds already in place to bail me out the very same day.  I might also be able to grab some free stuff—you know, like flat screen TV’s...