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The Power of One

Never underestimate the power of one. Yeah, I’ve read those books. Very inspirational yada yada. Theoretically, one person can change the world. Do I sound skeptical? I tried it once and… well, I’ve yet to see the results.

That’s the devil on my left shoulder, whispering convincing arguments in my ear.

You’re right, I think, what could I possibly do to change anything, anytime, anywhere? I’m nothing—a nobody—a non-essential deplorable. A peon. Overruled! I should go eat worms.

Hold on a minute… the angel on my right shoulder interjects, one person can make all the difference! What if no one stood up against evil? Where would the world be then?

D: Don’t make me laugh! You think your voice matters? If you believe that, I have some beautiful farmland in downtown Chicago I can sell you for cheap!

A: Every good thing that’s ever happened has begun with one person. What you do and say matters. Boldly stand for what’s right and there will be others who will have the courage to join you. It’s true there is strength in numbers, but it takes each one individually to make a whole. History is filled with one at a time saving one at a time. Just one person trying to make the world a better place is worth a hundred thousand people who give up and give in.

D: Who are you kidding? The powers that be are great, powerful and numerous. Do you really think you know better than they? You’re voice is one little droplet in a raging sea. You’re ineffectual. Just go along with them. Live your life and let them handle the more weighty matters of the world.

A: Let me ask you this. Does one dictator, one president, one governor, one entity in any position of power have the ability to affect your own personal world for better or worse? If the answer is yes, then the Power of One is great. You yourself may not be in a powerful position but each individual who stands for correct principles has more influence than they think. And whether you stand alone or with many, don’t be afraid. Every soul who will not be swayed will be counted Great.

I’ve heard enough. I’ve made up my mind. Be gone, you weasely scoundrel. Go influence a president, legislator, or union leader. You’ve got plenty of power-hungry candidates—from the top of the world on down to the municipalities. I may be the power of one soul, but I’m solely on the side of the honest and principled.

I hear worms are tasty this time of year.