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Say Cshee#!ssegh!

Eh? Huh? Say again? Arghhhh! Please take off the damn mask and repeat yourself. Again.

I am seriously sick of all the mumbling, rumbling and bumbling. It’s no wonder we can’t seem to exchange information civilly these days. One needs to download Rosetta Stone or Babel to learn the Language of Masks. Lipreading has become an art of the past.

Aside from the value of actually understanding each other, are we forgetting how important facial expression is in the art of communication? Do you ever wonder why it is that so many don’t understands the science of mask-wearing? Well, the answer is simple: Nobody can clearly hear and understand the words.

"Masks have proven to be an ineffective protection against the covid virus or its variants."


Here, Let me spell it out for you: "Ma-kha-proven-neffcv-tag-coviravaras." Got it? No? Let me try again, this time without a mask. THEY DON'T WORK! Do the research so you can understand for yourself. Then make your own decision.

Mandates have no business requiring the wearing of masks any more than it does demanding the wearing of cufflinks. It’s nobody’s business to tell you what you must or must not wear. Freedom of choice is the most basic of basics. I’m afraid the name of the game has become Power and there's no shortage of people who want to wield it.

To deeply ingrain bigotry it has to be introduced at an early age because children do not naturally hate. Likewise, when children learn to comply when they are very young, they are much easier to control when they are older. I fear that a whole generation of children are being taught to shut up and unquestionably obey. It’s hard to teach critical, rational thinking to someone who is muzzled, and especially if their teacher is restrained as well. Thinking freely outside of the box (or outside of the mask) is crucial to innovation.

My bank used to have a sign on the door stating that wearing a hat, sunglasses or mask inside was prohibited. Obviously, the cameras had difficulty discerning the difference between a customer and a bad guy. Does that tell you anything? A mug shot with a mask would be a dunderheaded mockery. Look straight ahead… Turn sideways…now the other way. The pictures on the FBI Most Wanted flyers would all pretty much look the same.

I was blown away by all the Christmas cards we received this year with photographs of family members wearing masks. What was the point? Maybe how ridiculous it is to send a picture of someone wearing a mask? If only!

To be fair, some of my finest portraits were taken while wearing a mask. (Say cshee#!@*ssegh!) And many might contend that my best talking points have been made while my mouth was suppressed. Bottom line, if I do wear a mask it's because I alone have determined that it's in my best interest to do so because that's what it means to be free. I don't want to hear abrother world about it.