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Rest in Pieces

Who could have imagined such a jumbled up world? It’s like our country is a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle dumped onto the floor. There are so many passions, opinions, viewpoints, plots, and agendas—most of them shortsighted. Many are sheer lunacy. Some are manipulation on steroids.

When my mother was alive—may she rest in peaces—I used to jokingly say, “If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother!”

Now it’s more like: If it’s not one thing, it’s Covid. If it’s not another thing, it’s riots and mobs. If that’s not enough, it’s media bias. Or maybe the Supreme Court. Or the election or ballot fraud. The reality is that if it’s not one thing, it’s a hundred. Let’s examine two.

COVID: I was in a store waiting in a line that went on forever. Suddenly, I heard angry voices that got louder and louder. Apparently, as the line turned a corner, a woman found herself in the proximity of another woman and her granddaughter. They were the only ones in line without a mask. The one lady—and I use the term loosely—told the pair to “Get the F… back!” The other one began to holler, “You can speak to me like that but you can’t flap your filthy mouth at my granddaughter!”

As things got more and more heated, some employees tried to step in-between. “I don’t need a mask! I’ve already had Covid! And my granddaughter is young, she’ll take her chances!” I’d put the whole conversation in CAPS, but to really capture the dialogue I’d need far bigger letters and I don’t use that kind of language. Very often. Neither woman backed off. Finally the one with her granddaughter in tow, stormed out of the store caterwauling all the way as her opponent hurled curse words at them.

I’m sure this is not an isolated incident. Most of the time I wear a mask but I hate it more than I hate broccoli. And I really don’t appreciate the Citizen Mask Force (key word force) who step in uninvited and without authority. Interestingly, last night on the news there was a report from the CDC—who initially told us not to wear masks, then told us we had to wear them—determined, through various studies that among those infected by the virus 71% always wore a mask and 14% wore them often. So 85% of people who got the virus wore masks. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. But not with your mask on.

ELECTION: I’m blown away by the fact that some people hate Donald Trump so much they will vote for a frail, bumbling facade like Biden. If elected, he will surely encounter the newly renovated 25th amendment, because his dementia is descending fast. I’d give him three or four months to raise taxes, put back stiff business regulations, reinstate lock-downs and make masks mandatory. He’d have time to implement massive spending and socialist programs, pack the Supreme Court, and maybe add a few liberal states to the union before Kamala Harris would have to step in as President. That’s when the real damage will clobber us quicker than you could yell Get the F back!

If it’s not one thing, try to put enough pieces together to picture this: Beto as Chief of Gun Confiscation, Quomo as Attorney General, AOC over Climate Change, Spartacus Booker as Chief of Staff…. and more.

Never mind. Throw those pieces back into the pile. I don’t want to reimagine America. Instead, do some serious homework. Look at both party’s platforms. Then VOTE! Basically, you’ll be voting for Socialism or Capitalism. Personally, I’m for the person who will lower my taxes, outlaw late-term abortion, let me practice my religious beliefs, secure my second amendment rights and strengthen law enforcement to protect me. The only one to stop rioters and looters in their tracks. He’s the one who will not silence me, who understands the economy and will control our borders. He's the guy who hates war and was nominated for 3 Nobel Peace Prizes. I'm voting for someone strong, who will always stand up for America all the while ducking a barrage of figurative stones, bricks and Molotov cocktails. And from every angle, every moment of every day. Someone who gladly lost money while in office, in fact giving away his salary, in lieu of the candidate who profited from his 47 years in office. (Along with many of his family members.)

I could go on and then on some more. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. Basically, I will vote for the person who has the ability to sort through the massive pile of puzzle peaces and perhaps create a measure of order instead of the one who will make America R.I. Pieces.

Peace/piece out.