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Political Pancakes

My husband always says there are two sides to every pancake. Well, Duh. Unless it’s a three dimensional pancake, which is difficult to stack but probably more accurate. There are usually many sides to every issue. I’m not trying to sound syrupy but take politics. I’m serious, take it!

Years ago I visited the Holocaust Museum in Israel. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I saw horrifying pictures and films. I cried in the pitch-black Million Points of Light Exhibit, where a candle was lit for every child victim and their names were reverently read over a loudspeaker. I saw gigantic piles of children’s shoes and stick-like bodies thrown into human trash heaps. I placed a stone on Schindler’s grave. I wondered how the world deteriorated to the point that such travesty could ever take place. How could so many people become so perverse as to be capable of committing such heinous acts towards millions? Even more puzzling is why politicians and the general population allowed it to happen. How could anyone sanction steeling basic human rights in any form?

Sadly, I’m beginning to understand. Today intolerance is even more widespread. People are being judged and humiliated by the color of their skin be it white, black, asian or hispanic. Individuals are evaluated by their political views, their religious beliefs. Basic Constitutional rights are being chipped away. Numerous people are genuinely afraid to express their views. Many are bullied into submission. All the while our great nation spirals into darkness and oppression while forces seeking power and riches thrive.

I come from a great heritage of courageous ancestors. The King of Denmark, who would not give in to tyranny and was paraded through the streets of Copenhagen to his death. My 8th cousin, Amelia Earhart who dared venture into the unknown, disregarding the naysayers who thought she should stay in her place. My 9th cousin once removed, Lucille Ball. Can anyone seriously believe that she didn’t follow her heart amidst substantial opposition—becoming one of the most beloved comedians of all time? And Katniss Everdeen, better known as the Mocking Jay…. okay not her—but she was a courageous fictional figure that wouldn’t back down to the political pressure of a tyrannical society.

My point is this. Instead of obliviously going about the normal-everyday business of making pancakes, we must have the grit to stand up and defend our God-given Bill of Rights. We need to muster the courage to speak out against any attempt to strip away our voices, and stand up to any group who seeks to control the citizens of our country. Whether being paraded through the streets by oppressors, daring to face our fears while keeping a sense of humor, or speaking our disapproval for unjust causes—we can’t stand back and let our nation mutate into Socialism or Communism. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to be the heroes of freedom so they can examine every side of every issue without fear or consequence.

I know that’s a pretty big mouthful, but my mouth is large enough to handle it. Is yours? Pass the syrup please?