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Almost every news story fills me with outrage!

Covid lock downs have been outrageous! Where is the data that justifies destroying businesses and dreams discriminately? And masks? I keep hearing that there is no actual science behind mass-mask wearing. Still, like good sheep, we diligently follow our leaders, wearing diapers filled with snot, spit and germs on our faces. As I itch the diaper rash, I’m filled with outrage!

I’m outraged by dictators who pose as politicians, at a Chinese Virus released on the world, causing a robust economy to wither, three hundred thousand deaths so far, and a butt-load of excruciating misery. Outrage over the sad state of our school children who are used as pawns for the corrupt Teacher’s Unions. Mobs, riots and censoring. Believe me, I could go on and on and on... there are so many things to feel outrage over.

For instance, almost a hundred million Americans believe our election was fraudulent. I'm outraged at the poison of Socialism wafting over our Republic in a murky green fog, even more destructive than the plagues depicted in Moses Movies. Every day there’s more outrageous stuff to be outraged over. Arghhhh! It’s enough to drive a relatively sane person mad!

This can’t be healthy. Outrage is short-circuiting my brain. I consciously unclench my balled up fists. I know the outrage is taking a toll on my body. I step outside into the cold night air and breathe in deeply. I can feel my limbs begin to relax. I breathe out slowly and smile at Christmas lights, twinkling in the night breeze. Christmas—the most wonderful time of the year. My memory begins to stir.

Looking up into the heavens, the stars sparkle overhead, mirroring the lights. I imagine another star—brilliant, enormous and hanging in the sky over a hillside. I can almost hear the bleating of sheep and see shepherds shielding their eyes and trembling in fear. Then a choir of angels declare an outrageous message—news of a lifetime—every person's lifetime. For unto us a child is born.

Suddenly, I understand that outrage is not only wreaking havoc on my mind and body, but is treacherous to my soul. I release a crippling weight and allow a spark of joy to creep into my heart. That night the message was of hope. Assurance that even in the midst of despair and outrage, someone with boundless power was born to someday reign.

There has always been outrageous acts and behavior, but because of a tiny, holy baby there is hope for Peace on earth and Good Will Towards Men. As the Christmas Carol states, “the wrong will fail, the right prevail.” Although I won’t give up my fight for right, I will try to hold fast to the message I’ve received. Joy to the world!

For now my outrage has vanished, replaced by the Light of the World.