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Critical Race Theory

My heart is beating and my mind is racing. It’s a critical time in history, with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution hanging by a thread. Some have a theory—based on actual statements by our new rulers—that they’re coming for the 75 million terrorists that voted for Trump. Wooeee! Re-education Camp, here we come! While I still have the opportunity, I want to make clear my opinion on Critical Race Theory.

As I’ve mentioned before, my immediate multi-racial family includes Black, Brown, White, Pacific Islander, and a dash of Japanese-Korean. My newest grandchild is a delicious 4-topping combination pizza. As it stands, Most of my 25 grandkids are happy, confident and well-adjusted. Their self-esteem has absolutely nothing to do with the color of their skin. So you can understand my dismay when I hear about Critical Race Theory that inevitably will be taught in our schools, if they aren’t already.

My white grandchildren will be shocked to learn that they were born cursed, that their whiteness is a deep and abiding flaw and something to be ashamed of. Faced with this new information, will they look at others with anger and resentment or will they cower in humiliation?

Imagine the surprise of my grandchildren-of-color when they find out they have been suppressed and oppressed by their unworthy friends and family members. Will they feel singled out as victims who deserve extra attention? Or will they believe they’re superiority entitles them to special treatment? Will they suddenly look down upon the people they previously considered equal? It’s possible that since they have never before been taught the principles of racism, they will be embarrassed and disconcerted by being singled out. Most children have pure, untainted hearts unless taught differently.

Suddenly race is a serious issue to be reckoned with, where before it was non-existent. Critical Race Theory is nothing if not the cultivation of true racism. “Woke-ness” is especially unreasonable, disturbing and appalling when it seeks to re-educate children in the art of bigotry. And I doubt any re-education camp is going to change my mind. I love the unique and inherent qualities of my children and grandchildren too much for that.