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It began as a celebration. Balloons and a special breakfast for my daughter’s 18th birthday. When my mom called, I thought it was to say Happy Birthday. Instead it was Turn on the TV!

The horror of that scene was something no-one will ever forget. Never forget. Wasn’t that the refrain after the holocaust? Never forget. Then again after 9/11? Never forget. Hopefully that will be the sentiment when 2020 is finally over.

There are many similarities between those events of horror and the unthinkable events that are happening daily. Every night I watch images of angry mobs who hate America assault our nation with fire, weapons and perhaps something even more deadly, words. Innocent people who are deemed to be on the wrong side of a certain point of view or among an erroneous race or occupation—Jews, Police Officers, Trump Supporters, Twin Tower or Pentagon Workers, Hard-working Americans, Ordinary Citizens—are driven from their jobs, businesses, homes or restaurant tables. They are pummeled with rocks, taunts or bullets because they don’t agree with their oppressors who, like a deadly virus, attack anyone in their way, leaving behind a wake of terror and destruction. Their food is snatched right off their plates, and their chairs are thrown. Homes and cash are being demanded. Elderly people are assaulted, children murdered. All the while the perpetrators are held up as heroes.

Like the SS or the Taliban it spreads cunningly, to nervous supporters, politicians, athletes, celebrities, companies, Google, Facebook, Instagram, the Press, billionaires and college campuses, who either innocently or deliberately spread this poisonous philosophy to the world. Accept THIS theory, they rant, and THESE ideologies or you will be targeted. Silenced. Harassed. Destroyed. It’s akin to Kristallnact—the beginning of incense and the end of sensibility.

I watch the chaos and wonder if and where it will end, which itself is a very real form of terror. Most Americans long for the peaceful days. The days of living under the Constitution of the United States. Now we live in an ideology war in the guise of a race war. Most of us don’t get it. Most of us are reasonable, tolerant and law-abiding. We expect to be protected against the perpetrators of hate and division. We just want to have safe birthday parties, dinner in peace and remember horrors of the past instead of living them.

It seems like there is a simple fix. Arrest law breakers. Only thing is, you need the police and civic leaders who unequivocally support law and order. Unfortunately, that commodity is as rare as a toilet paper shortage. In other words, a lot of bad shit isn’t getting cleaned up.

Regardless, today on 9/11 I’m going to celebrate the joyous occasion of my daughters birth. I will also be remembering and reverencing those occasions that require vigilance to avoid a repeat.

* My blog was temporarily removed from Facebook and Twitter "Under review for content." I guess they didn't like my politics. Censoring and silencing are very real!