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Have you ever tried to cut something with only one half of a scissor? I can’t say that I have, because… well, that would just be stupid. What would be the point? It takes both blades to work effectively, and neither side can claim to be more significant. It’s called a pair of scissors for a reason and together they make a functioning tool. However, one side alone can be deadly. It can cut like a knife, blade or sword, and can make a permanent, even lethal impression.

“Where are the scissors?” Is a common refrain heard in most houses—and nowhere is the answer more important than in the People’s House—the House of Representatives. Nothing of true principle can be cut there unless both sides are working together to improve the fabric of our society. Whether cutting deals or writing laws, it takes synergy and cooperation to balance the important work of the household. Doing it with one side can create nothing more than a hack job.

The concept of working together is quite simple. The idea of being elected is to represent, be fair and beneficial to as many people on both sides as possible. In other words, to the majority of the citizens. Anything other than that is a breach of conduct. Personal gain and opinion, bias to a particular group or cause, and most especially wielding power are not only counterproductive but destructive.

What could be worse than half a pair of scissors? Ask any socialist, marxist, communist or fascist society. The answer is nothing! Half-Scissor rule always results in poverty for the people and opulence for the rulers. The nail in the coffin, the crux of any of these political practices is this: They eliminate incentive.

Incentive is one of the greatest powers of humanity. Incentive encourages progress, growth, hard work, invention, ingenuity, creativity, resourcefulness and enterprise.

A Half-Scissor Society lures us in like a siren: “Give up a little of your freedom for a little more security.” Like a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid stratagem, no matter how good it might sound— it’s unsustainable. It stifles the human spirit. It destroys hope, progress and life.

So the next time someone wants to sell you half a pair of scissors—don’t fall for it! The best way to get rid of Half-scissor Salespeople is at the ballot box. We need to elect people who will cooperate with both sides using the tools we give them at the election. We must expect them to represent us honestly, bravely and with tenacity. We must not buy half a scissor. Socialism in any form is an unacceptable and lethal purchase. Not to mention stupid.