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Black & White

We had the music cranked up and were dancing in the backyard.

“Why can’t I dance like you and the grandkids?” I asked my daughter.

“Because you’re not black,” was the resounding, collective answer.

I sighed. Unfortunately, I’m not even a good dancer for a white girl. Although some of my paler grandkids are exceptionally talented—no thanks to me—according to my astute scientific research, there’s something remarkable about the natural rhythm embedded in African American DNA. Kinda true in sports, as well. Some might call it Black Privilege. Not me… I’m too woke. (Please wake me up when all the nonsense is over.)

Let’s face it, there are hundreds, if not millions of colors, talents, features, faults, qualities, personalities, strengths, weaknesses, culpabilities and abilities. I want to focus on 2+2=4. Black/blue Dems and Red/White GOP. Never before have the two been so stark, and I’m not talking about race. Well, maybe I am— the 2020 Presidential race. This is the way I color the choices:

Red/white: Capitalism — Blue/Black: Socialism

Blue/black: Flag burning — Red/White: Flag waving

Red/White: Freedom of speech — Blue/Black: Censorship

Blue/Black: Higher taxes, more regulations — Red/White: Lower taxes, less regulations

Red/White: School Choice — Blue/Black: No Choice

Blue/Black: Erasing history — Red/White: Learning valuable lessons from history

Red/White: Political transparency — Blue/Black: Political secrecy (secret combinations)

Blue/Black: Gun control or confiscation — Red/White: Second amendment right to bear arms

Red/White: Fair, honest reporting — Blue/Black: Media bias

Blue/Black: Weak military — Red/White: Strong military

Red/White: Sanctity of life — Blue/Black: Devaluing the unborn, late-term abortion

Blue/Black: Assault, theft, arson, destruction — Red/White: PEACEFUL protesting

Red/White: Qualified, trained, well-paid law enforcement — Blue/Black: Defunding and disrespecting police

Blue/Black: Hijacking racial issues for political gain — Red/White: Intelligently addressing racial challenges

Red/White: All lives matter — Blue/Black: Black lives matter

Blue/Black: Voter fraud — Red/White: Verified, legitimate voting

Red/White: Religious Freedom — Blue/Black: Religious persecution, oppression

Blue/Black: Forced, tyrannical power grabs — Red/White: Businesses and schools open freely

Red/White: Legal immigration — Blue/Black: Unvetted, illegal immigration

Blue/Black: Teachers Unions that extort — Red/White: Good teachers

Red/White: Prison reform — Blue/Black: Prisoner releases, prison shut-downs

Blue/Black: Robbery, trespassing, destruction, murder — Red/White: Defending home/property

Red/White: Good trade deals — Blue/Black: Foolish trade deals

Blue/Black: Sex trafficking, drugs, gangs — Red/White: Strong borders

Red/White: Politics-free sports — Blue/Black: Politicizing sports

Blue/Black: Insulted, overly-offended, thin-skinned, woke — Red/White: Easy to be entreated, tolerant, reasonable, chill

Perhaps you disagree, but to me it’s down to wrong or right. In spite of the fact that every candidate has his or her flaws… when I look closely at the issues of/with 2020 I have no choice. It's not about race, it's about the race. There's no awkwardly dancing around it, no shades of grey. It's simply black or white, red or blue.