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Any Questions?

There are a lot of questions floating around my brain these days. Some of them are frivolous, such as:

Why doesn’t Catniss Everdean’s quiver ever run out of arrows?

If a tree falls in the forest without someone posting it, did it really fall?

Did Jesus wear a man-bun?

Was Don Quixote considered a Dazed Knight?

Is the Spanish language sexist?

If I’m the superior intelligence, shouldn’t my cat be the one reading the pamphlet on understanding me instead of the other way around?

Does anyone really like Mona Lisa’s smile?

Although I’d really like answers to these questions, there are other questions more pressing that need resolving. Such as:

Why does anybody think it’s okay to graffiti public streets with personal political slogans? Don’t the roads belong to all taxpayers, regardless of their political opinion? Do mayors, governors, or Al Sharlatan have anything better to do than pander?

Why can't I attend or watch a sporting event for pleasure without political views being shoved in my face in the form of jersey backs or painted on the court or field? Am I to assume that everyone involved in sports has the same political opinion? Are spectators even allowed an opinion? Why can’t we just take a breather from it all and experience athletic competition for the sheer joy of it? Last question on this topic—if we completely stopped watching the surging tsunami of politics in sports would it all wash away and come back next year reborn?

Does anyone really understand the indelible cost of school closure? Do they think for a moment the effects on kids won’t be long-term? Will the next generation be dumber, less confident, more anxious, neurotic, unstable, maladjusted and unskilled than any previous progeny? What kind of parents or leaders will our children they be? What happens to the thousands of dollars allocated for educating each child? Shouldn’t those funds go directly to parents to use for charter schools, tutors, hiring teachers on their own, or to assist in home-school or co-op learning? And why don't more parents join groups suing schools for these funds like the ACLJ? Do people actually believe Teachers Unions have the student’s best interest in mind? Why don’t decision-makers look at the science behind spreading Covid? Last question on this topic—why don’t I answer some of these questions when the answers are readily available for anyone vaguely qualified to supervise their kids' remote learning on the computer?

So many questions, so little time!

Why wouldn’t Jerry Nadler allow Attorney General Bill Barr to take a bathroom break after hours of testifying before Congress? Who the hell does he think he is?

Why would any red-blooded American consider Socialism in any form?

Why are so many afraid to stand up and speak their mind?

How much does Dr. Fauchi love power and the lime-light?

How is it possible for law-breakers to be released from prisons and normal citizens imprisoned?

When did criminals become heroes and heroes become criminals?

Why should illegal immigrants be able to vote in our country?

Shouldn't everyone have to show a valid ID when they register to vote and shouldn't all voters be required to register?

The more questions I ask, the more I have. If I don’t stop now my head is going to explode. Breathe in…breath out. If I can only focus on things that matter. Like:

Which movie shall we download? Shall I make popcorn?