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Cancel That

Broccoli? Yuck! Cancel that.

My house is extremely modern. Yours is traditional. Sheesh who lives like that? You have terrible taste—so out of touch. Throw everything out, burn it down. I don’t care what you do, just change it and be quick about it.

You’re seriously going to wear that? I’m afraid not. NoCanDo. Where you from, Nerd City?

You set a curfew for your teenager? What happened to trust? Turn in your parenting card immediately.

I don’t like your movie choices. Don’t believe in your religion. You voted for WHOM? You did WHAT? You think THAT? You’re a racist! A bigot! You’re fired! Where’s my CANCEL stamp? Did you not get the memo on acceptableness?

I know, I know… you used to be able to have your own ideas—even express them without fear. Well, get over it. Things have changed. Free-thinkers are a thing of the past and if you dare to disagree there will be serious, even dire consequences. Especially if you work for the Press, Twitter or Google. And if you disapprove of the Marxist group BLM, you better hope your antagonism doesn’t cost you your job, your business, your reputation and maybe even your life.

But, but, you say… America was founded on Liberty, the Bill of Rights, Freedom—the right to think or speak unrestricted as one wants, without hindrance or restraint. That was then. Now it’s Bye Bye Miss American Pie. Nowadays, you better watch yo’ mouth, yo’ thoughts and yo’ deeds—or else.

Or else what, you ask? There are so many ways for you to be cancelled. Punished. Coerced. You really won’t want to take a chance on speaking your mind. Heaven forbid you have the courage—are brave enough to stand up against a tidal wave of thinking that is coming (only) from the Almighty Liberal Left. It’s alright to have your own thoughts, opinions and beliefs—just as long as you don’t express them. Whatever you do, don’t compromise them by speaking them out loud for anyone to hear. Standing up can be risky, even hazardous to your well-being.

Cancelling broccoli wouldn’t be bad in my opinion. But I’ve never been great at shutting up for my health.