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Bolster the Blue

My jaw dropped in horror as I watched two teenage girls on social media exclaiming that our country is nothing to celebrate this 4th of July. They encouraged everyone NOT to wear red white and blue because it would be an embarrassment to wear the symbols of a racist country.

Holy Whacko!! Honestly, talk about privilege! Do people not realize the privilege it is to live in the United States of America? I’ve both traveled and lived outside of the U.S. and every time I arrive back on this sacred soil I literally want to kiss the ground! I take a breath of relief and fill my lungs with with the blessed air of freedom. These immature girls and every one who agrees with them need to go live somewhere else for awhile. When they come back we would welcome patriots instead of patri-brats.

The morale of our Men in Blue—our brave police men and women—has never been so low. They have been abused with horrible chants, threats, spitting and massive disrespect. Assaults with buckets of water have turned into being pummeled with rocks, bottles and bricks. Over a thousand have been seriously wounded, maimed and some even killed. They are ridiculed incessantly, their lives and livelihoods in constant danger. If this isn't bad enough, many of their superiors have bowed and kneeled to appease mobs and thugs in a show of support and solidarity against their own. What cowardice! Daniel and his buddies, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego braved the fiery furnace because they refused, on principle, to bow before the king. I can’t imagine they would have bowed before nondescript bullies.

Yesterday I heard about some neighborhood children who made cookies and appreciation cards to present to a police officer. They had no idea of the power of that small act and how it lifted the arms of a weary servant of our country. Such a contrast to those foolish girls, and thousands of protagonists who encourage defunding and disrespect—truly unpatriotic acts!

I’ve been wondering how ordinary people can stand up and make their voices heard in support of our smeared, slandered, demoralized police officers. Who knew that a group of small children had the answer? What if people everywhere took that example and as part of their 4th of July celebration expressed appreciation in some small way to the patriots in our police forces? Even the smallest show of support can work miracles!

So I’m asking you to be part of a movement. BOLSTER THE BLUE! It will be a movement of patriotism on our most patriotic day and beyond. Wear the red and white, sustain the Blue and express a show of reinforcement! It’ll only take a few minutes! Standing up for your beliefs doesn’t mean the fiery furnace, only getting fired up enough to show your solidarity.

Let the ground swell with gratitude and patriotism! Pass along this suggestion any way you can! Let us be heard this July 4th and keep it going! WE LOVE THE USA! WE LOVE PEACE, LAW AND ORDER! WE LOVE AND SUPPORT OUR POLICE OFFICERS!


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