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Minecraft Autonomous Zone

My grandkids love Minecraft and other video games that allow their inventive juices to flow. They build innovative buildings, communities and cities. There are four difficulty levels in Minecraft: Peaceful, Easy, Normal and Hard. In the Peaceful mode, hostile mobs won't spawn, but like in life, there are hazards. I doubt there is a "New Normal" level but even Easy and Normal have their challenges. Hard level is what we are experiencing now. We may not have actual zombies but some members of Congress and the Senate come close and we have violent mobs spawning in every city and community.

I’m willing to bet the places the kids construct are nothing like the Autonomous Zones the BLM groups are attempting to develop. Most of the anarchists that are taking over have never built anything in their lives. How do I know that? Because there is a fundamental difference between builders and destroyers, creators and demolishers. When people are part of something that truly brings joy and uplifts, they generally don’t engage in counterproductive or harmful acts.

My black daughter, a yoga instructor of 20 years, calls what's happening "Ignorant Energy." She fears that this negative energy is going global. She's furious that the group claiming to represent her, is defecating on police cars, destroying businesses, tearing down monuments, burning, looting and shooting. In her words, “These people are seriously primitive.” I looked up the word primitive: Relating to or denoting a preliterate, nonindustrial society or culture characterized by simple social and economic organization.

It’s easy to see the devolution in mob mentality, violent protestors and oblivious squatters. But what about the impious geniuses behind these movements—the actual organizers and financiers who are orchestrating a sophisticated effort to subvert the government and control the country? Call it Game Developer, Marxist, anarchy, fascist, or the Antichrist—BLM is a highly evolved version of them all. Don’t be fooled. As primitive as these forces appear to be, they are powerful and treacherous. Underestimating their strategies can mean the literal undoing of our Republic and even the world.

The end game is to see the Constitution topple like a statue and replaced with a Charybdis. Sounds dramatic? It is. Sounds like a conspiracy theory? It is. But not the one you might think. We are being conspired against in a game we cannot afford to ignore. Highly developed revolutionaries with shockingly nefarious intentions are building detailed blueprints and following game plans to overthrow our liberty.

I've added 'Black Lives Matter" and "Antifa" (antifascist) to my FLAW list (Famous Last Acerbic Words) along with "He doesn't bite" and "Just once more." But making a list of oxymorons isn't a powerful defense strategy. Speaking Out, Standing Up, Setting an Example is. Unfortunately, playing the Hard level is difficult and takes skill. The only other choice is to kneel, bow and succumb.

If this was simply something someone built on Minecraft, the threats could all be deleted with the click of a button. Though mobs will always spawn in the game of Minecraft and Life, perhaps clicking on the right candidates in the upcoming election will take us down a level before it's irreparably GAME OVER.