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Stand Up!

I’ve never been able to shut my mouth. I chew with my mouth open, I cough and sneeze with nary a restraint and I blurt out whatever thought comes into my mind. J/K on the chewing, sneezing and coughing. Not kidding about that last one.

I’ve never been able to suppress my anger when bullying is at hand. Nobody should. When I hear about child abuse or even see a movie where a child is harmed it takes me days, if not weeks to get over the despair. I cried myself to sleep the other night after watching one of the more violent protesters on TV torture a white dog, and I still can’t get the image out of my mind. You might wonder how a tender-heart like me is capable of writing a book about serial killers. The answer? I hate bullying. Serial killers are bullies. So I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when it comes to groups of bullies like Antifa or Black Lives Matter. Because what matters? Children. Animals. People.

As horrifying as it was to watch the video of a depraved killer, who happened to be a cop, I’m also alarmed by the appalling abuse of police officers in the name of justice. If a dog attacks someone, it’s crazy to imagine punishing all dogs. The men in blue, no matter the color of their skin, have been smeared, slandered, viciously assaulted and even killed. It makes me physically ill to see what’s happened to our country in the wake of that one vile act. By demonizing and demoralizing the protectors of society, countless vulnerable people have and will suffer.

Blame and Shame is a game of bullying. Period. I am embarrassed by people who kneel, bow and grovel for the crime of being born with white skin. Martin Luther King had it right. People should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Which brings me to the very risky position of opposing the Black Lives Matter mob. I would personally march to protect black lives if no other race were being bullied. But black men are being targeted by white cops, you say! The numbers don’t back that up. In the whole of 2019 only ten (10!) unarmed African Americans were killed by police, while the total non-African Americans exceeded 7,000. Now I’m NOT saying there isn’t racism in this country. Racism has been around since the beginning of time and it has never been right. Never. Bullies aren't right, whoever they may be.

I would be outraged if a group of white supremacists marched through the streets in angry protests. Anyone who thinks they are superior to any other human being is mistaken. I have two black children and a variety of grandchildren of different colors. If someone disparaged one of them for being Black, Pacific Islander, Red-headed or White I would… well, you don’t want to know, but something reminiscent of a mama bear. They all matter—yes, even the white ones.

I’m tired of being manipulated by mobs, the media, politicians and all those who consider themselves above anyone else for any reason. They need to stop the bullying and start respecting. All people matter. And now that I’ve said it, I’ll shut my mouth. J/K