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Life Matters

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be bored. Not that I ever want to be—I just wonder. There are so many marvelous things to do and I want to do them all! I’ve been working non-stop on my latest art gallery exhibit, I’m writing another book, I have a YouTube channel, a blog, I own a business and am integrally involved in a few others. I have seven children and 24 grandchildren. I want to hike and sing and swim and garden and dance. And shop. There are so many books I want to read, classes to take, movies to see, places to explore and things to experience.

My friend saw an advertisement on Craig’s List that sounded interesting. I could make $25 an hour and experience a protest up close and personal. If I were violent, I could make even more. And I wouldn’t have to worry about going to jail because there are funds already in place to bail me out the very same day. I might also be able to grab some free stuff—you know, like flat screen TV’s, designer handbags, power tools and the like. Hey, and I could start fires and break things all I want. Large gatherings of like-minded people are more than energized, they are synergized! Sounds like a mind-blowing experience.

Hmmmm… but here’s just one problem. I’ve always felt best about myself when I’m productive. If suddenly I become part of the problem, I run the risk of being counterproductive, which in turn could take away all the things I love to accomplish. I love to work, build, create and contribute. If I did the opposite I would probably be much less fulfilled. Then discontent, anger, anxiety, hatred and bigotry could set in. I’m not sure it’s worth the money or the education. My life matters. Life matters.

After all, I've got a life, and a full one at that. I think I’ll stay on my side of the political fence and try to glean as much joy as I can from it. Life’s short and there’s an awfully lot of spectacular things to do with my time.