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Kneeling in Solidarity

When the Jews were under Nazi occupation, kneeling before demons was sometimes the only choice. If that was their tragic fate, I guarantee it wasn’t in solidarity. Kneeling with someone means they have common support. They agree. Their cause is one and the same. With that in mind, let me give you an up-close scenario of what police officers are dealing with.

Imagine that an angry mob surrounds you. They refer to you in the most vile language conceivable. They shout that you must die. They demand you surrender your position as protector of the people. They insist you admit you are racist. They throw rocks, bricks and bottles, they swing bats, pipes and boards. They hurl arrows with razor blades at the ends. They shatter bones that require surgery. Sometimes they permanently maim, disfigure and kill.

Then they ask you to kneel with them. If you refuse, you are called a coward. If you do kneel, they laugh and taunt you for being the fool you are. (Sadly, there are some—there always are—who will kneel in solidarity with evil. Even politicians, police officers and police chiefs will at times ignorantly, or worse, knowingly succumb.)

You do your job, not because you are well-paid—you aren’t. Sometimes you’ll help out your fellow officers and the people of your community without pay, because you are needed. You do your best to protect the innocent but in spite of your best efforts you witness horrific acts. Dogs being tortured. Children trapped in burning buildings. Old people beaten to a pulp. Churches, cars, businesses and dreams defaced, demolished or torched. The devastation and deprivation you scramble to stop is committed with gleefulness. Finally, you return home to a wife and children who are frantic with worry and sick with anxiety. They have buried many of their own. You grab a few hours of restless sleep and then begin again.

It takes courage to look evil in the eye without flinching or caving, but that is exactly what must be done. We need to recognize the hero’s who will take on this thankless and dangerous job. Likewise, each one of us who love this country and care about law and order must step up and defend what’s right with it. There will always be vile acts committed by every race, people and profession.

Kneeling in solidarity with demons, whether they're Nazis, or any race and people is never acceptable. If you must bend a knee, do it as you pray for the strength to do what is right.