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It’s hard enough to imagine evil. Stomaching it is well beyond that. I know people have been cooped up for months and there is a lot of pent up emotion that can easily turn into anger, but it’s beyond the realm of my understanding when people feel justified causing even more pain, suffering and destruction.

Peaceful protesting is a civil right. Any person, no matter how insidious, has the right to a lawful, legal process. It’s one of the major distinctions between America and any other Banana Republic. I wonder if the lines of justice haven’t been blurred by politicians who break the law and get away with it. Anyone who breaks the law, no matter who they are, deserves to deal with the consequences.

Burning down someone’s business or car is arson. Smashing a window or painting graffiti is vandalizing. Looting is robbery. Throwing rocks, bottles or anything else at another person is assault. Arson, vandalism, robbery and assault are crimes. When a pack of aggressive inmates stage a prison riot it isn't tolerated. An angry mob of protesters turned violent should be treated the same.

In this day of phone photos capturing every detail of violence, I hope the images of every lawbreaker and violent rioter find their way to law enforcement and are dealt with according to our laws.

This includes you, the middle class couple pulling into Target and coming out of the store with armloads of booty. Shoplifting is a mild term. You must be prosecuted.

This includes you, the rioter who puts countless police officers and citizens at risk or in the hospital by hurling objects or swinging bats. You are a dangerous criminal and must be dealt with accordingly. This includes you, the craven assassin who killed a Federal Security Officer David Patrick Underwood in Oakland and critically wounded another officer. Who’s protesting their treatment?

This includes you, the cowardly thugs ramming shopping carts into police cars. This includes you, the gangs of desperadoes ruining private property and businesses. This includes you, the Boogiemen turning peoples dreams into nightmares. And, unfortunately, this is you, certain Police Chiefs and Mayors who don’t have their own police officer’s backs. You know who you are and hopefully you will be dealt with fairly at the ballot box.

There are a lot of things in this world that are protest-worthy. Evil is highest on that list.