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Covid Clichés

I’m as sick (pun intended) of Covid19 as y’all. I wanted to write about something much more pertinent to the times like… um like… I’m drawing a blank. All anyone talks about, eats, drinks and breathes is the virus. Well, hopefully not breathes. Seriously, if I hear “We’re all in this together” one more time I think I’m gonna puke. Actually I’ve felt a little under the weather lately. I tire easily, maybe because I’m manic trying to cope with the pressure of being grounded, which makes me feel like I’m a disciplined teenager. And I’ve had a persistent cough, likely due to the fact that every time I hear another Covid Cliché I choke. Don’t tell me I need to get tested because I already did and as of yesterday I’m clean. Notice that I didn’t say I’m negative because obviously I am that.

Being “non-essential” is depressing enough but I’m also classified as one of those inestimable lives that are susceptible to the virus. Let me just say right now, at the risk of offending all y’all that there are worse things than being in a nursing home with Corona in the halls. Heaven forbid someone shaved a few years of hell off their lives, no matter how precious their souls are. Which brings me to another cliché:

“Every loss of life is a tragedy.”

Tell that to the essential abortion clinics. If babies are nonessential they need to be protected, right? Otherwise they’re essential which means they also need protection. Call me crazy but I don’t get it. It seems to me that the youngest lives should take priority over the oldest. For example, I have an awesome friend in his nineties who’s heart just keeps on ticking in spite of a defect. I also have a 3-year old family member who passed this week when his little heart unexpectedly gave out. I’m not about to question the priorities of God but I will question the so-called experts who seem to get off on ungodly power.

A famous historian once said, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." That’s one cliché I’d like to hear more often. I’ve been blown away by the power grab I’ve seen by health officials, governors, judges, oligarchs and FBI leaders. It seems like the world has turned upside down. Most of us have no desire to control anything beyond the TV remote and our kids, so it’s hard to understand the staggering power of power. We need to take our blinders off and question everyone. My cynic-radar goes off every time I hear an expert say “That’s a very good question.” The answers they spin makes me so dizzy I feel unsteady, though I want to accept what they say as truth. There are just too many inconsistencies.

I hear the same words over and over. “Stay home and save lives.” It’s making less and less sense to me. Working to feed families saves lives. Going to the doctor saves lives. Not being in close proximity to a domestic abuser or child molester saves lives. Not committing suicide saves live. Saving businesses and life-long dreams saves lives. Fresh air, exercise, church worship, support from family and friends all save lives. A plentiful food supply saves lives. School saves lives, especially for those who’s parents suck as teachers. I could go on and on and so could you.

I keep hearing there’s “a light at the end of the tunnel.” I just hope we get there before a disproportionate number of people go towards the light from non-covId, non-essential causes. In the meantime, we’re all in this together! Excuse me, I’m gonna go be sick.