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Non Essential

I keep hearing about how important it is for non-essential people to remain at home in seclusion during the Covid Crisis. That leads me to a question. If I’m non-essential, why does anyone care if I get sick and die? Referring to someone as non-essential is demeaning. Where are the PC Police when you need them? Did they get the Corona? If so, that would explain it. Maybe they’re working from home like the rest of us non-essentials, which would essentially make them non essential, which makes perfect sense.

First, I had to deal with Black Lives Matter, which for no fault of my own excluded me. Then I was plopped into a basket of Deplorables. Now I’m referred to as Non-essential. These days to survive, one needs a good healthy ego with a virus-free body. That combo makes for an awesome non-essential, which is essential. So which is it? Am I essential or not?

Some of my children are essential. Two are in the grocery business, one is a cop and another a doctor. That leaves three good-for-nothing non-essential kids.

I’d been a little insouciant about the whole Chinese-Wuhan-Corona-Covid19 Virus thing, until a friend died from it. Then it really hit hard. I found out the small detail that he also suffered from cancer, which was left out of the report. Still, it hit hard. I swing rapidly from panic to passivity and back again, which makes me dizzy. Is dizziness one of the early signs of Covid19? I think I might have it! Don’t be silly, I tell myself. Now and then I cough and the panic starts again. Yesterday I felt a tightness my chest when I took a breath. Ohhh noooo! Then I remembered that I had fallen the day before and jerked a whole chorus of muscles in my body that were singing in an off-key cantata. I’m psychologically much healthier being casual about this whole affair, so I think I’ll stick to my usual flippancy.

Why, my flippant-self retorts, can’t the at-risk or sick people be the shut-ins and the rest of the country essentially go back to work? Our economy seems like it’s one of the sequestered, non-essentials and it’s getting sicker by the day. I know there are hot spots that require serious restrictions, but much of the country could be doing triage by going back to work. If the whole economy dies of the Corona, what’s the point?

There are aggressive things that the government can do, such as providing critical medical help where it’s needed, making promising drugs readily available for doctors to prescribe, and getting more people tested so we have more accurate data. On that note, I’m pretty sure my daughter (a no-good non-essential) had it. She was in highly contagious Seattle on business and then traveled home on a crowded plane. For two or three weeks following her trip she became very ill. Nobody even gave a thought it might be the Corona. She recovered and no-one else in the family got it—that we know of. She’s just one of a million missing pieces of important info. How many unreported or undiagnosed cases are there? That would dramatically change the data that could conclude that many people could be working and many businesses saved.

I get it, the virus is serious. So is a deep economic depression! If anyone important listened to me, they’d stop politicizing, weigh the casualties and as quickly as possible get much of the country back to business as usual. But who listens to me? I’m non-essential.