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Covid19—the queen mother of viruses. As a mother and queen of my castle, let me give you my royal take.

If two of my kids were in need of a kidney and mine weren’t past their expiration date, there’s no question in my mind that I’d volunteer. I’ve had a rich and full life and theirs are in their prime. Now this is probably easy for me to say since I live in a low-risk state and even lower-risk part of it. But it isn’t cool to sit back and watch the entire economy shut down everything they and a bazillion others in this country have worked generations for. If flattening the curve of the virus flattens the economy and unravels a thread that pulls businesses down, people out of their jobs and possibly out of their homes and onto the street… well, even a kidney wouldn’t do much good.

I hate to admit that I’m in the age range of older folk who are most in peril. But honestly, that rich and full life I was bragging about wouldn’t be that awesome if my kids and my country were coming apart at the seams. I’d rather everyone just washed their hands, coughed into their arms and went about the business of living. I’d take my chances, which are much lower than donating a couple of kidneys. Maybe I’d be lucky enough to have mild or no symptoms like a huge number of people—the likelihood of actually dying from the virus is remote—or maybe I wouldn’t survive it. Either way the offer is real. I’d be honored to sacrifice myself for my country if needed. I think there are a lot of us Queen Mothers and King Fathers who would just want the country to get back on its feet, just as long as our offering wasn’t in vain. We could be super heroes even if we didn’t die, by inoculating everyone else. The next Marvel movie could feature Geriatric Heroes who save the world—no, the universe—from economic destruction, the effects of which can take even more lives long-term than the virus.

At the very least, as Ebenezer Scrooge would say, we could “reduce the surplus population.” We would cure ailing programs like Social Security and Medicare. From what I hear, I'm already one of the non-essentials! The way I figure it, this country has a much better chance of economic health by doing business as usual.