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Girl Power

I’m all about Girl Power. After all I am one, or rather used to be. I’ve changed. Not my sex mind you… but keeping your girlish figure is easier than maintaining your girlish intellect. Let me be clear. Unlike coveting my girlish figure, my girlish brain wasn’t something I’d want to hold onto. That’s not to say I’ve lost my mind. Well, maybe. If I have, I don’t remember my girlish thinker being all that cognizant. More on the immature side. But as usual, I digress. Got my big girlish panties in a wad!

As proud as I am of the US Women’s Soccer Team—doesn’t get any bigger than winning the World Cup—I can’t help but be disappointed in some of the girls on the team and especially the Team Captain, Megan Rapinoe. In my opinion, this ultra-talented powerhouse with a gargantuan platform is missing the mark for what I consider to be true Girl Power. Why? I’ll tell you why.

Girl Power is patriotic. To me, kneeling for the National Anthem shows disrespect for the flag of the greatest country on earth, which she represents. While millions of people throughout the world watch, those who idolize her wonder if their patriotic loyalty might be displaced.

Girl Power is humble. She gives credit to her teammates without saluting her own greatness. She doesn’t flaunt her worthiness on national TV exclaiming “I deserve this.” Everyone can see for themselves her splendor without she, herself pointing it out.

Girl Power is not hypocritical. While touting from a podium, “We have to be better, we have to love more and hate less. Listen more and talk less…” she exclaims that she will “only talk with people who agree with her values.” That means snubbing everyone else who has different ideas and opinions. Turning down an invitation to meet with the President of the United States is passing an opportunity to talk to someone with the power to facilitate some of her ideals. Her hatred for President Trump makes a mockery of her acrimonious dialogue. By the way, I haven’t seen or heard even a single derogatory remark about her personal sexual preference. That admirable tolerance should apply to her as well, albeit political alternatives. No-one is snubbing her for her choices, nor should they. How about the same consideration?

Girl Power isn’t Queen Power. Real power is allowing others—in particular teammates who might not have the same values, to speak and act for themselves. Queen Power is more like Off with your heads if you dare to cross her. It would take almost suicidal courage to disagree with someone so formidable. Surely there are other opinions on this team of Super-Girls?

For the record, I completely agree with Megan Rapinoe’s platform that women should receive equal pay. In this case women should actually be paid higher than men because Women’s Soccer is more popular and brings in more money than Men’s Soccer.

In my estimation, Rapinoe’s power is more girlish. I’d suggest she grow up but she’s already the oldest member of the US Women’s Soccer Team. Perhaps one or two of her progenies will have the balls to exemplify true Girl Power. Quip intended.