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Dead Rainbows

I've always seen the world a little differently. In other words, I've always been a little weird. I remember as a child trying to figure out what killed the rainbows in parking lot puddles. Even now when I see an oil stain in a gutter, I can't pass by without pausing to pay tribute to the fallen beauty.

Most people see shapes in the clouds. I see them in shadows, floor tile, wood grain, polished chrome and mashed potatoes. I can spend hours scrutinizing the pattern balsamic vinegar makes in olive oil before dipping in my bread, thus ruining the presentation.

One day while sitting in church I saw an absolutely perfect Chewbacca in the back of a lady's hair. I earnestly tried to get my husband to see the amazing likeness but he told me to SHUSH so I had to admire the extraordinary phenomenon alone. He had no idea what he was missing.

For years I watched the way the snow melted off the mountains in May, forming an unmistakable monkey face. I thought everyone saw it, but when I referred to it people looked at me like I was bonkers. Well, duh! From then on I went out of my way to show it to everyone before it melted into oblivion for another year. The ones who actually saw the monkey without pretending, like the Emperor's New Clothes, joined my exclusive list of co-crazies worthy of enlightenment.

Remember Hoppy Taws? You know, those rubber disks we used in playing hopscotch? Each had a swirling birthmark of spectacular color that took my breath away, making it an impossible task to choose one above another. I'd spread them out on the floor of the store until the clerk grew impatient and growled at me to make a decision or get out of the way. It's no wonder hopscotch is the world's number one playground sport even if few kids these days seem to know how to play it. It's sheer joy in action!

One night I dreamed I was ice-skating through paint. As I twirled and sashayed, the colors blended in unbelievable patterns and shades. Since then I've spent hours--no days--no years trying to recreate that vision on canvas.

It's true that everyone sees life through a different lens. But different, weird, bonkers and crazy are all qualities I'm grateful to possess.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a rainbow funeral to attend.