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Mom Jeans

Does it mean I’m cool if my teenage granddaughter wants to borrow my jeans? At first, I think she might be going to a “nerd party” so I am a bit insulted. I remember borrowing a few accessories from my mom back in the day, and although I was making a statement, it wasn’t a nice one.

I have to admit the girl looks better in my jeans than I do, which is has me baffled. I mean, I’m the real deal and she’s the imitation. I suppose I might be overthinking this. Don’t they say imitation is the highest form of a compliment? On the other hand, who on God’s green earth wants to imitate their mothers or heaven forbid, their grandmothers?

I’ve noticed that other girls are starting to imitate me as well. Girls I don’t even know. Girls in magazines. Girls on TV. Maybe I’m even hotter than I thought. I guess I should have known I was a trend-setter when they began to dye their hair the same stunning gray as mine. I assumed it was a fluke.

I read somewhere that “As Aquarius is today, so the world will be tomorrow.” Guess what! I’m an Aquarius! That explains everything. Finally, I can justify wearing anything I want—any style I choose will be awesome and cool. Imitated, even.

Confidently, I approach my granddaughter and ask if she wants to borrow this really cute shirt to go with her mom (or in my case grandmom) jeans. She wrinkles up her face like she’s smelling something really nasty and shakes her head.

Ohmygosh! Even my wrinkles are imitation-worthy!

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