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Mi Casa es Su Casa

Since tomorrow we vote in an extremely important election, I thought it would be a good idea to re-post a past blog to remind us of just one of the many issues at stake.

Let's say you invite five people in to share your home. Of course, there are conditions. Each person must pay a share of the mortgage, utilities and cost of repairs. In addition there is yard work, cleaning, cooking and routine maintenance to be divided up. Nobody has the right to assault, steal or harm the others and drugs are definitely off limits. This could work out advantageously if everyone follows the rules.

Now suppose each of your five invitees decides to move in several of their friends or relatives; or perhaps an entire caravan decides they want to crash your home uninvited to escape the difficult living conditions of their own houses. No matter how soft your heart is I’m willing to bet you wouldn’t be cool with it. So much for Mi casa es su casa.

So what about our Homeland? On a grander scale there are rules that must be followed. Let me tell you what my personal house rules would be.

First, the people already living here would be welcome to stay as long as they are pulling their load. This means that they would pay their fair share in taxes and not use the limited entitlement programs that are designed to help our own needy citizens, of which there are many. If they commit any crime its zero tolerance. One remotely serious infraction and they would be out on their kaboodle permanently.

Second, nobody else can reside here uninvited. This means anyone who wants to live in my country needs to go through a legal process just as my immigrant relatives did. I’m sure Ellis Island wasn’t my grandparent's favorite hangout but that is where they vetted the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Line-butting is not just offensive at Disneyland. People have been waiting in a queue for years, having paid the price of admission. How is it fair for a group of people to push in front because they think they can? It's not right and it's not their right.

Third, If people want to bring drugs into my country I would use the same measures I'd use to prevent them from coming into my home—law enforcement, walls, security systems--whatever it took. And don't give me that crap that if drugs were legal it would solve the problem. I don’t buy the argument or the drugs. Legalize it somewhere else, not where I live. I’ve heard people say that these drug problems are our own fault because we created the market. That one can go round and round but the bottom line is that even if drugs were to merely slow down there would be a considerably healthier generation downstream.

Now I know that policies are made by our elected Home Owners Association i.e. the government. As a resident I have a right and responsibility to choose leaders who are tough enough to make fair but vigorous immigration laws. Laws that will legally bring in fresh new talent and at the same time protect my home and family. This country is my homeland. My country is not your country unless you are legally invited. Mi casa es not su casa just because you want it to be so. There are conditions you must meet if you want to be welcomed into our family.

Don't forget to Vote. It counts more than ever. And bring a caravan of legal concerned citizens with you.

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