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Double Trouble

Ever wish you could be a part of a society that’s not… to put this delicately… corrupt, scheming, ruthless, divisive and unethical? I’m not saying my political views are always right, it’s just that… well, some political views are seriously jacked up. (Who is John Galt?)

In the past, a thousand threads of opinion were woven into a rope sturdy enough to hold a hefty bulk of diverse ideals, tenets and viewpoints. Our personal belief system was a right protected under the Constitution of the United States. Now it seems our Constitution literally hangs by a thread.

When ‘emotion’ becomes an edict, replacing principles that have always been our nation’s strength, we’re in trouble. When the means justifies the end and the end is to gain power and control at any cost, we’re in trouble. When the burden of guilt must be proved by the accused instead of the accuser, we’re in trouble. When mob-mentality instead of bylaw can rule the day, we’re in trouble. When one political party is allowed to hijack the ensuing results of an election—you guessed it, we’re in serious trouble.

My parents used to say ‘trouble’ was my middle name. It had a nice ring to it that I thought was cool but now I’m not so sure. I’m deeply troubled by the political atmosphere we’re now being forced to breath. The turn of events with the sabotage of a Supreme Court nominee (the Kavanaugh Extravaganza) fills the air with such a stench we’re forced to inhale it with both lungs. Double Trouble.

The gross demonstration of poor sportsmanship by the Democrats has gotten completely out of control. It doesn’t matter if the referee blows the whistle to insure the plays are fair as written in the Constitutional rulebook. This team plays by their own set of rubrics. Unfortunately, this is more than just a game. It’s a turning point that twists and tangles our fundamental rights into a double knot with double standards.

As a woman, I abhor the abuse of anyone in any form. Male or female. Black, white, yellow or brown. Old, young, gay or straight. Sexual abuse is particularly heinous and I’ve seen the devastating effects up close. I’ve also seen what happens to the innocent who's lives are destroyed when they're accused of such a horrific crime. Meticulous adherence to the law in these cases is critical and must not be misused or construed. To do so is to proceed down a fork in the road that leads to lawlessness and chaos—an inevitable unravelling of the cords of justice.

Without the strong rope of Constitutional Conviction, we’re all in double trouble. And besides, I don’t like the sound of Gail Trouble-Trouble Winegar.

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