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I Protest!

I’ve always wanted to go to a wedding and yell out I object! Well, not really. I’ve seen it happen in movies but I’m not sure I could bring myself to disrupt something so sacred, even if I knew the bride and groom were making a big mistake. But protesting is so fashionable—I kinda want to get in on the action. Maybe I could find something more… respectful to protest.

Climb the Statue of Liberty on the 4thof July? Naw, that’s already been done. Besides, who am I to ruin the holiday plans of people who journeyed there to commemorate those who went through the grueling process of becoming a citizen of this great country. You know, the tired and the poor—the huddled masses yearning to breathe free? Those immigrants were true heroes that I’m guessing wouldn’t approve of my stunt to promote “butting-in-entry.”

I could protest with Pro-choicers. The right to choose is a noble cause. A person should be able to choose whom they sleep with and also choose to safe-guard themselves from unwanted pregnancies.

Or I could protest with Pro-lifers. Babies are magnificent life-forms that warrant protection even more than species like turtles or stray cats.

I could protest any number of people with opinions that differ from my own as long as I don’t harm, threaten or invade their right to the pursuit of happiness. Problem is, if I did that I wouldn’t fit in at all.

I could join a protest against a Supreme Court nominee if I was certain he or she wouldn't adhere to the Constitution. Probably wouldn’t do much good since they are appointed and not elected. A better choice might be to vote for someone I trust to appoint a Justice that would stick to the law above their own opinion.

What about protesting ICE? Couldn’t do it—I loathe warm drinks even more than I hate MS13.

Maybe I could make a living by being a Professional Protester. Don’t laugh, such work really exists. Pays decent too. Too bad I'm a homebody and don’t like bus rides.

I've got it! I could protest the protesters. But there's a down side to that. Protesting is an important right that has in many cases changed the world for the better. If I’m going to really make a difference I've got to be discerning.

Argh! So many choices, so little time!