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Sex, Power and History

I doubt it started with Bathsheba but I bet it created quite a scandal. The breathtaking bather (Alleluia) probably knew exactly what she was doing when she had repeated rendezvous with the rich and powerful. King David tried to shush the whole debacle by sending his lover’s husband (yeah, she was married) to the front lines to be killed in battle. Definitely cause to appoint a special counsel.

In disparity to the Me Too Movement, we gotta include Catherine the Great’s betrayal of her husband, Czar Peter the Third. Speaking of Me Too, Anne Boleyn had a pretty solid case against Henry the VIII, who was against level headed women, or rather, headed women.

At least 14 U.S. Presidents, including Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Wilson, FDR, Cleveland, JFK, Clinton and Trump were, shall we say, less than pure. And other prominent historic leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., Generals McArthur, Patton, Petraeus and Napoleon all had a little something going on the side.

Of course, my list isn’t all-inclusive, it barely scratches the surface. But you get the idea. It might shock you to learn that Adam was unfaithful to Eve. Oh wait, that’s a completely false allegation, probably instigated by Bill Cosby.

The point I’m making is NOT that adultery is okay. Heck, it’s number seven out of the ten most important Thou Shalt Not’s in the history of the world so I’m pretty sure being faithful is not just a suggestion.

The point I AM making is this: If we were to throw out all the talented but sinful world leaders, we wouldn’t be left with many options. Morally decent people don’t automatically possess the skills to govern proficiently. Immoral people don’t either. Kings, presidents, rulers and leaders have always had their demons to battle but having the genius to properly direct kingdoms and countries is God-given and is a force to be reckoned with.

In my humble, faithful and trustworthy opinion, piety doesn’t necessarily lead to prosperity. I'll be appreciative of the extraordinary virtues of the gifted ones and leave it to God to judge their indiscretions.

NOTE TO MY FAITHFUL READERS: Sorry for the irregularity of my posts. I'm in the overwhelming stages of editing my newest book, Vincible: In the Wake of a Serial Killer, based on a true story. FYI I may or may not occasionally find it necessary to post from my archive. Love you all!