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Ism Mentality

What do Racism, Feminism, Misogynism, Fascism and a truckload of other ism’s have in common—besides their last three letters? Let me illustrate.

My two dogs usually get along just dandy with my cat. They play, share food and even sleep together. A few weeks ago, some of my kids came to visit for a few days and each brought their dogs. I know, I know! I heard the commotion but it didn’t register what was happening. When it didn’t let up for several minutes I went to investigate. You guessed it, my well-behaved dogs and their guests were exhibiting an ugly form of Felinism. My poor kitty was cornered by the vicious pack mentality of the group, otherwise called a mob. Missy suffered an emotional breakdown for about a week but the incident could have killed her or caused an aneurism which is also bad.

An ism is a belief accepted as authoritative by a group of people who can sometimes act like animals.

It's so much easier to go with the thought-flow of those around us, but letting ourselves get caught up in a tidal wave of someone else’s opinion is pretty stupid. No doubt it’s over-simplificationism but I can only image how awesome it would be if we took time to independently study out and choose our own positions and even celebrate the differences in others' opinion without criticism.

You probably think I’m suffering from illusionism or looking through the prism of astigmatism, but I know very well how this works. When dogs join a pack they turn mercilessly on their cat siblings. When kids join a gang they practice vandalism. Radicalism turns to terrorism, fanaticism begets totalitarianism. Journalism often results in sensationalism and obstructionism. Liberalism is paramount to progressivism. (You may denote a trace of cynicism.)

Simply put, isms are at the very least exhibitionism and at the worst, elitism. And that, my friend, is a truism.

A note to my loyal readers: I'm in the last grueling process of editing my newest book, Vincible: In the Wake of a Serial Killer, (inspired by a true story.) Hence, my lack of frequent blogs. Be patient with me, it will be worth it! In the meantime, when I can't get around to writing new stuff, I'll recycle a few of my 103 blog posts.... Love Gail