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Barely fourteen and Kade is already wealthy. I don’t mean money-in-the-bank wealthy, although he is that too, but the kind of wealthy that very few adults will ever achieve in their lifetime. Kade is an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t guarantee smooth sailing though life. It does mean coming equipped with a lifejacket, an outboard motor and a little extra oomph to carry him over any wake he might need to cross. It’s knowing how to work and work hard. It’s being creative, innovative and inventive. It’s never being satisfied with the easy road. It’s cleverly seeing a need and filling it. It’s finding a way to succeed.

I first heard about Kade from a neighbor. He cleaned all the outside windows in her house for $45. This was exciting because to me clean windows are a commodity that literally changes ones outlook on life. Clean windows help me focus, see things clearer and is highly contagious, in that once my windows are clean, everything else must be cleaned by contrast. So I gave him a call.

Kade fascinated me. I often rub shoulders with the opposite of an entrepreneur so naturally I wanted to just breath him in. For the two hours he was at my house I pestered him with questions and he shyly gave me quiet answers.

Q: How long have you been doing this?

A: Since I was in seventh grade.

Q: How many houses do you do a day?

A: One or two

Q: So about how much do you make in a day?

A: $90 more or less

Q: How many hours do you work every day?

A: Maybe two-four

Q: Then what do you do with the rest of your time?

A: Play baseball and mountain bike

Q: What do you do with your money?

A: Put at least half into a savings account and spend some of the rest. I just like to have money in my pocket.

Q: How much did it cost you to get started?

A: I guess about $400. For my tools, my wagon and scooter. I keep adding inventory.

I seriously want to adopt this kid. If only I had a daughter his age. Most teenagers, or at least a lot of them spend the majority of their time on social media, gaming, shopping or sleeping. Teen Entrepreneurs aren’t something you find on every corner.

I don’t need a crystal ball to tell me what’s in Kade’s future because I can promise you aren’t going to find him experimenting with drugs or on entitlement rolls. You may, however, find him on America’s Most Wanted list, because what America wants and needs most are entrepreneurs. Kade is a national treasure that can help all of us see through the glass more clearly.