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Pardon Me Mr. President

“Pardon me, Mr. Obama!”

If Hillary Clinton wins the election, President Obama is likely to pardon her on his way out of office. Just to clarify, I don’t mean excuse me… please get out of my way. I mean pleeeeese Mr. Obama, pardon my illegal activities when I set up an unsecured illegal server that was 99% likely to have been hacked by 5 hostile countries. And pardon that I destroyed 33,000 emails after being subpoenaed by Congress to turn them over… and then taking a hammer to13 computers and cell phones… and using Bleachbit to wipe everything so that my illegal activities would never be discovered. Sorry for the Pay for Play I engaged in while serving as of Secretary of State, selling access to my office. And please forgive that I blurred the lines of that sacred office and my foundation to get filthy rich! (A pardon would call off the two FBI investigations into my schemes.) I also hope you’ll exonerate me for lying over and over to the American people, not the least of which was the Benghazi fiasco. I'm sure, Mr. President, you wouldn't want all this hanging over my head for the next four years!

Hey, I’m really just getting started here, but suffice it to say that all the Washington corruption seeping to the surface will be forgiven if Hillary wins. What then? Well it will be business as usual plus: Obamacare will resume and expand. Dangerous illegals will wreak havoc without the threat of deportation. Taxes will be raised. Small business will continue to flail under the weight of regulation. Factories will continue to close and corporations will keep laying off workers and moving out of the country. The government will continue to flagrantly spend our money and raise the deficit, enslaving our children for generations to come. Liberal Supreme Court Justices will be appointed (a possibility of 5, though only 1 more liberal justice would be needed to tip the boat) which would be a constitutional crisis. The second amendment is already on the brink and partial-birth abortions would be acceptable and readily available for us to pay for. Special Interest groups would keep their power and profits. And another thing. I’m so not cool with the idea of Bill Clinton running loose in a Whitehouse filled with delectable young interns.

I’m willing to pardon Hillary Clinton for hiring high profile entertainers like Katie Perry, Jay Z, Queen Bee and Stevie Wonder to entertain at her rallies—it’s understandable to want to shore up the crowds. I can enjoy the performances but I just can’t justify a pardon for blatant criminal activity.

Most disturbing is that the American people can be so oblivious to the stench of deceitfulness. At least half of us (not the deplorables) either can’t smell, don’t care or are gullible enough to overlook blatant hypocrisy and corruption.

Pardon me if I can’t stomach the thought of a presidential pardon for Hillary Clinton. If you agree, please get out and vote! And encourage everyone you know to do the same. It would be unforgivable to do otherwise.