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10 Reasons to Get Out of the Quicksand

I don’t for one minute believe that something is right because everyone does it. On principle, right is right because it’s right. Just because at least 14 U.S. Presidents have had indiscretions ranging from extramarital affairs to illegitimate children to downright kinky carry-ons doesn’t mean its okeydokey behavior—it’s not. Let’s face it, Washington DC has always been a sexual slough.

So what happens when a slough becomes an outright swamp, a sinkhole of debauchery, and a quagmire of corruption? (Just the words bog you down!) When 96% of press and journalists (They've run negative stories 23 to 1), some members of the Democratic Party, Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicone Valley and Academia conspire to join forces for money and power, the result is quicksand like you’ve never seen before! Add a corrupt, entitled Queen of Hearts and there’s no coming back.

So what’s a principled, conscientious, truth and freedom-loving voter to do? Well… after carefully wrestling with the issues and my scruples I have come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is the only person in this critical race for the Whitehouse that can drain the swamp (and do so ahead of schedule and under budget.) Yes, I understand he spent some time in the slough. And I get that he’s not a streamlined, polished politician. But here’s where he shines: He’s BIG on the BIG things.

And just what are the BIG things? Oh let me count the ways…

  1. He will repeal Obamacare and replace it with more affordable, better run healthcare.

  2. He alone has the skills to strengthen the economy. He will deregulate/de-strangulate small businesses which create jobs. Do you realize that more small businesses failed last year than were even started?

  3. He understands the importance of lowering the deficit and is a master at recognizing and cutting waste.

  4. He will unleash the energy sector.

  5. He will lower taxes.

  6. He will cut better trade deals.

  7. He will strengthen the military and be strong in defeating Isis.

  8. He will be tough on illegal immigration.

  9. He will surround himself with experts instead of friends who procure favors. His inexperience will be more than compensated by those he will appoint. (Ever seen the movie Dave?)

There are many more things I could list but perhaps the Biggest of BIG, the Monster of Mammoth, the Whopping Colossal Mother of Gargantuan is this:


Now I know people who have decided by principle not to vote; and others who are voting for someone who haven’t a shred of hope of winning or changing anything for the better. I’d like to say I respect their decision, but in all honesty I don’t. If something you love (like your country) is sinking into the mire and you have the ability to save it, you must do so for the sake of your children and grandchildren. You must help drain the swamp. Do it on principle.